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From Thirsty Times Winter 2018 - Chelmford Brewing Company

Hans writes...

We are gearing up for Xmas here at the brewery and getting as much beer ready as we can for the people of Chelmsford and beyond!
Our NEW Ruby Ale will be available for Christmas and January. It’s called the EIGHT FIFTEEN. Where does the name come from? Well it’s a long, tired and emotional story.
It’s a rich ruby ale with a wonderfully complex malt base, soft fruit finish.
Our session American Pale Ale RADIO WAVE 4.2% has been well received so far. It’s available in bottle as well as cask. Craft kegs are being tested as you read this and will be available very soon.
Let’s not forget the Port Jackson! Brewed after a four month slumber. We had a bit of time to assess where we wanted this beer to go. We are so happy with the Port Jackson.
It’s got the complexity you wish for in a porter but at a strength you can enjoy several. This beer is by far our favourite right now, it’s very well balanced.